how to get rid of acne at home

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liah, you know how busy i am. i have no time for this. what are we watching today? okay. oh my god! is she using a foaming cleanser that lathers up that much? does she even care about her skin barrier? this is like a horror movie, liah. why are you not stopping her?
is that a scrub? astringen! does that still exist in the market in 21st century? [deep exhale] i'm, i'm done guys. i'm-- so, there are basically two ways to lose weight going on a starvation diet or either changing your lifestyle to a healthier one. of course, by starving you might lose weight in a very short period of time but we all know that that's just a temporary fix. and i think we are all trying to go on a starvation diet when it comes to combating oily skin
by mattifying our skin by using alcohol or astringent, mattifying lotions, oil-free moisturizers, and over washing probably too much. it might get rid of the shininess and greasiness on top of surface. how…
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